I did not even realize when four years of living in Murcia have passed. Waking up without any thought about what weather will be, makes you lose track of time. Living one beautiful day after another is just amazing. It feels like you reached to a certain point in your life that you most enjoy and once you realize you are there, you put everything on pause and live the same beautiful moments of your life, over and over again.

I am a sport lover. I love jogging across Murcian coast under the sunrise, I love my morning exercises but what I love most is kitesurfing, windsurfing, or sailing. Living without weather constraints and being able to do what you love, whenever you want, gives you a feeling of freedom that you have never met before. I can say there is a big difference between visiting Murcia and living in Murcia, especially because you need some time to realize that your life has changed. When visiting, you do not have time to pay attention to yourself, you focus most on its beautiful coast, beaches, restaurants, warm waters, and you tend to absorb new experiences, trying to the most of it in a short time.

Living in Murcia, on the other hand, is a totally different experience. If I could compare, it is like renting a super-car versus owning one. You tend to focus more on how you feel driving it, compared to what the super-car can do. As I said before, I am a sport lover, I love kitesurfing and this feeling that you always wake up under perfect weather and you can do what you most enjoy, is the best feeling ever.  How does it sound to do a downwind of 50-100 Km and have a typical Spanish paella waiting for you when arriving? And how does it sound to do it in November at 25 degrees outside temperature? If you are within the ones that thinks that The Sun is the fuel of humanity then Murcia is your place.